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Saturday, June 23rd 2007 - a C+ Forum ride over the scenic hills of West Yorkshire and Lancashire.. Done and dusted! It was a fun ride thanks to all those who turned up. I'll leave the details here for a while in case anybody else fancies having a go at it

Man in car, anxiously: "So, the only car park is here, and the visitor centre is a mile that way...?"

Me astride mountain bike, cheerfully: "Yes, there is a lovely walk to it through the woods, down by the river, just take that footpath."

Man in car, angrily: "Yeah, right, and just how am I bloody well supposed to get my kids there and back - he's 10 years old and she is only 8!"

Doomed, they're all doomed, I tell you...

Cycling-related material will appear here from time to time. Material such as my lengthy ride reports...

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Thanks mate - have a saddle!